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Sara Daniels PNW Transsexual Female Fetish Model           & onecunninglinguist

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I'll be on an extended hiatus beginning in Mid May of 2019

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I'll be touring the USA on my Harley & my only Modeling will be recreational

My adventure begins in Portland in a month & a half

I'll most likely be headed North into Washington State before making a right & dipping into Idaho / Montana to take advantage of some scenic fly-fishing opportunities

California is also a strong contender & I've had multiple invitations from several unique & interesting people in Vegas, New Orleans, & Florida too!

I'll be starting a blog soon to keep a story-line rolling along which I'll keep connected here & hopefully up to date - seems that I have at least a couple hundred dedicated & generous FANS / Admirers out there!

Don't hesitate to HMU - my type is simple:  Attractive, Feminine & Demanding? 

Hit the trifecta? PERFECT ♥

Send me a message & I may even let you  bring a handsome & hung boyfriend along

I hope you'll enjoy the web presence I've designed for age appropriate display, here at:  Simply_Sara Daniels

a Vintage Harley Davidson Tranny 

on a 20'14 custom Breakout

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